Section 1: Policies and General information

? Is Secure?

YES, uses Network Solutions 128bit SSL Encryption, to ensure the privacy of your personal information. This means you can place your order without fear of interception, provided youre using an SSL compliant browser such at Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer.  

? Why dont I see the little padlock?

Encryption will not begin until you move past the homepage and begin a sales transaction. Only then will you see the Secure Padlock Symbol appear. It is also possible that one of our clients has redirected you to our website using Frames. When this happens, you are still on the original clients website, viewing TICKETGUYS through a secondary window that has opened up on their site. In this instance, the padlock will not be displayed, because your computer does not recognize you as being on Ticketguys, and thinks that our Security Certificate does not match the name of the site. Ticketguys and the transaction are in fact secure, and you may verify this by right clicking on the page & selecting properties to verify encryption. For more information please read our privacy policy.

? Which credit cards do you accept? accepts Visa and Master Card.

? What is your refund policy?

Refunds are normally only issued if an event is cancelled or rescheduled. Always verify the Date, Time, prices, Location of the event, and the number of tickets you are purchasing prior to completing any transaction.

? Why am I paying a service charge? is an independent agency that provides a promoters customers with the convenience of purchasing tickets online or by mail. Credit card merchants charge a percentage for running cards, and the promoter may or may not choose to pass these on to the ticket buyer. Some clients may charge no service fees when purchasing tickets directly from their venue box office, so you may try contacting.

? How much is the service charge?

Service charges vary, based on the event, venue, location, ticket price, and our individual contract with each events promoter. We always tryto keep fees as low as possible, as we hope to sell as many tickets as possible.

? What happens if an event is cancelled or rescheduled?

Please remember that is a 3rd party service provider, selling tickets for numerous promoters & venues. Payment is normally deposited into the clients bank account, and each of these clients sets their own refund policies. In the event of a cancellation or rescheduling of an event, will notify all ticket buyers as soon as we receive notification of the change.  If the event is rescheduled you will be given first opportunity to exchange your tickets to the new date and time. If the event is cancelled by the promoter or venue, you should be be given the option of a refund for the face price of the tickets purchased. Please note that many clients do not refund the service charges. If you have any questions, be sure to read the terms & conditions before making your purchase at check out.

? Can I exchange my seats for another date ?

Our agreement with the venues is that ALL SALES ARE FINAL, our contract does not permit us to issue refunds or exchange dates, however some venues will be able to honor your request for exchanges if given notice at least 24 hours before the performance you hold tickets for and alternate performances are still available for booking. Please check directly with the venue Box Office for details.

? Will my tickets be mailed or held Will Call?

It depnds on the individual promoter and event. For most of our online clients you will be asked to print out your confirmation and take it to WILL CALL to exchange for your tickets the day of the performance. Some of our clients offer the option of paying an additional fee to have your tickets printed & mailed out by TICKETGUYS. When this option is available, it will be noted during the sales process on the final check out page, and must be selected at the time of purchase. The chosen ticket delivery method for your sale will also be indicated on your confirmation.

? What does the term Will Call mean?

Will-Call means tickets are to be picked up at the location of the event - on the day of the event.  In the instance of online purchases, Will-Call tickets will generally be available beginning 90 minutes prior to the event. Will-Call tickets are held under the name appearing on the credit card used to make the purchase.  Some venues may ask you to present a photo ID and the credit card used to make the purchase for verification purposes.

Another term Box Offices use to refer to this is CABO: Collect at Box Office


? How can I be sure my order was processed?

The final step in purchasing tickets is to enter your credit card number and click the Purchase Tickets button.
Once you click Purchase Tickets, your credit card is verified and charged.  You will immediately get a Confirmation Page  that includes your transaction number, and all details about the event you purchased tickets for. Please print this page out as your receipt, and take it to the Box Office to exchange for your tickets.

A second confirmation is emailed to the address you provide within 15 minutes. If you do not recieve it, be sure to check your SPAM folder.

Please note that it is possible to get cut off or lose the internet connection during card verification. If you are usure whether the transaction went through, please remember to first check your email & SPAM folders for an email confirmation, then contact us before attempting a 2nd transaction. We can verify whether or not the transaction was completed, and send a duplicate confirmation when necessary. To contact us call 831-656-9507 or email us at

? Why was my Credit Card declined?

To help prevent fraud, Credit Card transactions are now a 2 part process: First, your credit card issuer authorizes the transaction, verifying that the funds are available, and placing a temporary hold on them. AVS Address Verification System also checks the address & zip code information you provide, against what your card issuer has on file. Once the appropriate authorization & verification response comes back from your card issuer, our system settles the transaction, completing the charge. HOWEVER, if the response that comes back indicates that the address & zip code information do not EXACTLY match what your credit card issuer has on file, our system will not settle the transaction.

NOTE: If your credit card transaction is declined, PLEASE be sure to verify the address & zip code information as it appears on your credit card statement, BEFORE attempting any additional transactions.

? If transaction was declined, why do I see a charge on my card ?

While a declined transaction will not be settled, by our system, the requested dollar amount is temporarily set-aside by your credit card issuer as a pending charge, reducing your credit limit. If a cardholder speaks to their issuer or views their credit card statement on-line, they may see the authorized amount being held, and assume they have been charged. This is only a temporary hold, however, and it will noomally time out after 48 to 72 hours, depending on your individual credit card issuer.

? Why does this happen?

The credit card industry is still based on the old Brick & Mortar days of business, where a declined card message could be overridden by the store clerk or manager. Obviously that cannot be done online, and there is currently no way of keeping these holds from taking place. Again please remember that these holds are NOT being placed by TICKETGUYS, they are being placed by your credit card issuer.

? What if I lost/did not print my confirmation?

Even if you did not print the final confirmation page at the time of purchase, a 2nd copy is automatically sent to the email you provided. In addition, you can still pick up your tickets at Will Call by presenting both the Credit Card used to make the purchase and a valid photo ID.

If you lose both copies, forget what day you purchased tickets for, or need the venue information and performance time of the event for which you purchased tickets, we can provide a duplicate confirmation. Simply contact us by phone 831-656-9507or email and give your Name, phone number, and the title of event, and we can contact you and email a duplicate confirmation.

? What if I did not receive an email confirmation ?

Several Things could be the culprit. 1 Often times people will enter their email incorrectly, causing emails to be bounced back to us. 2 Your email was redirected to your SPAM folder or automatically deleted depending on your mail preferences. 3 Your ISP may block incoming email it deemd suspicious. Please check your spam & recently deleted folder s prior to contacting us.


If you are seeing old, incorrect show dates & prices towards the end of the sales process, it may mean your computer is not being updated from the net, and you are seeing old, cached pages from previous visits. The problem is the check for newer versions of stored pages option in the settings for Internet Explorer. Newer versions of Internet Explorer default to the Automatically setting of this option. Over time, when the browser determines that images on the page appear to seldom change, it can begin to check less and less frequently for newer versions, and will use old cached versions in an effort to speed up the browsing process.

Heres how AOL & Internet Explorer users can fix this problem:

1. At the top of your AOL or Internet Explorer screen, click on Settings. When he menu comes down, click on Preferences.

2. A box will come up. To the far right will be a list of things including Internet Preferences WWW. Click on it.

3. A new box will come up. Where it says Temporary Internet files, there is a box that says Delete Files. Click there it will get rid of your old cache which causes you to see old screens from previous visits to TICKETGUYS and other frequently visited sites.

4. Next click on the box beside it that says Settings. Where it says: Check for newer version of stored pages, check Every visit to the page. Then click on the OK on that page, and then click on the OK at the bottom.

5. Now the pages & information you see should update correctly as you go through the sales process.

Save or remember this procedure, and delete those stored files every month or so. Otherwise, you will be seeing old information.

Those using Macintosh computers, or Safari & Firefox web browsers will need to go though a similar process. You should check with your users manuals or Help functions for instructions.

For other questions please email us at